Project Management

Project & Contract Management

ACS Engineers provides comprehensive engineering project management, including contract management.

Having a team guiding your project from design to completion is crucial for ensuring its success.

Thanks to our host of project and contract management services, our clients enjoy effectively delivered and executed civil infrastructure projects.

Management Services

Our team provides management services following the design phase of a project. This is where we turn your idea from a design into a reality. 

Project scope and definition planning

Civil inspections

Project planning

Project setup and initiation

Cost and budget management

Choosing ACS Engineers as your project managers

As project managers, we take on the role of communicators and drivers. We work with the relevant stakeholders and contractors to ensure the correct works are carried out according to requirements, budgets and schedule.

According to requirements

By understanding the needs of our clients, our project management team is able to steer the project towards success. All of our engineering solutions are flexible and tailored to reflect the different requirements of our clients and the particular needs of the project in question. 

According to budget

Our clients are often working under a tight or clearly defined budget. ACS Engineers ensures that the budget is agreed to and understood prior to any project management so that any ongoing work and implementation can be completed within that set amount.

According to schedule

With professional project management, you can rest assured that your project will be delivered. ACS Engineers are your partners for ensuring that your project’s milestones are within timeframes so that the end delivery comes when you need it.

For clients who want best results with minimal input

Our project management services are ideal for clients who want the best results but are unable to manage the project themselves due to time constraints and/or a lack of resources. 

The way we work

ACS Engineers’ success comes from building long-term relationships with clients based on performance and trust.

We achieve this by ensuring our team is responsible, accessible and flexible as the needs of our clients change. Our project management services are completely transparent and with ongoing, open, and honest communication throughout, our clients enjoy peace of mind throughout the delivery of the project at hand.