Environmental Engineering

ACS Engineers provide environmental solutions that ensure minimal impact and maximise the opportunity for developing better communities.

We have an intimate understanding of what’s required to ensure best results, including:

Working with ACS Engineers

Our engineers begin by assessing the impact of a project on the natural environment. 

We study the project’s design, construction and operation to minimise any adverse effects it may have on the environment in the short and long term.

We work with our client to ensure we understand the required budget and timeframe. This way, our quality solutions can be delivered when and how you need it to be.

Environmental engineering services

Stormwater quality and quantity analysis, design and management

Sediment and erosion control plans

Catchment hydrology and flood studies

Hydraulic assessment of culverts

Dam design, catchment and reliability analysis

Environmental management plans and audits

Site based management plans

What does this mean for you?

All this translates into long-term cost savings and peace of mind for you, our client. 

All of our clients enjoy knowing that their projects, being handled by ACS Engineers, are guaranteed to be environmentally responsible and within the appropriate limits of environmental legislation and regulation.

How our process works

We take our relationships with clients very seriously. We do not view interactions as transactions but rather long-term relationships. By going the extra mile to ensure our solutions perform, we cultivate and earn our clients trust.

We seek to understand your needs

We use your needs to direct our approach. That way we can ensure environmental engineering solutions that fit the problem at hand.

We are responsive and flexible

When problems arise or requirements change, ACS Engineers are only a phone call away. Our flexible solutions can be adapted to accommodate for unanticipated changes.

We operate transparently

Every project we work on enjoys complete transparency. This allows our clients to enjoy complete peace of mind that the solution will be delivered within the agreed timeframe and budget.

We only settle for quality

Every member of our team takes great pride and passion in the solutions we offer clients. We have built a reputation for quality solutions and our clients turn to us as local experts to help them create opportunities to better the community.

We ensure ongoing communication

Our clients enjoy ongoing, open and honest communication. From the solution design stages to final implementation, our clients are kept abreast and informed along the way.